The Influence of Extraction Method on the Apparent Content of Bioactive Compounds in Romanian Allium spp. Leaves

In order to characterize the composition of bioactive compounds in Allium spp., an important source of traditional foods, analysesof their physicochemical properties, total phenols, and flavonoid content were carried out using three of the most popular Romanian leafvarieties (Allium cepa var. ‘Diamant’, ‘Rubiniu’, and Allium ursinum L.). The highest levels of bioactive compounds were detected in theleaves of Allium ursinum L., 7.2730 mg QE/ kg fresh plant and 27.8884 g GAE/100 g dry basis, respectively. This study suggests potentialgood uses of the fresh leaves of Romanian Allium spp. as condiments, ingredients or preservatives in the food industry.
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