Propagation of Sedum spectabile Boreau in Leaf Culture in Vitro

An efficient protocol was established for Sedum spectabile Boreau propagation. Various leaf parts were used as explants to regenerate plantlets, the stem segments of which were cultured for shoot proliferation and plantlet multiplication. The results showed that the leaf base was the optimal explant, as compared to both the middle and the top of leaves, for shoot formation. The highest shoot induction of 88.9% was observed on MS medium supplemented with 0.6 mg/l TDZ and 0.1 mg/l NAA. Hyperhydric leaves obtained in primary culture developed first into abnormal somatic embryos 10 days after subculture, and then into hyperhydric plantlets after an additional 10 days. The hyperhydric plantlets reversed to normal plantlets when plant growth regulators were removed from culture medium. Further, stem segments from reversed plantlets were used for shoot regeneration and root induction. Optimal shoot regeneration was obtained in MS medium containing 0.6 mg/l TDZ with 0.1 mg/l NAA. Root induction and root mean number were all higher on auxin-free medium than on medium containing auxins.
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