Influence of Fertilization System on the Quality of Cucumbers

Different types of cucumbers culture, respectively organic system and the system of chemical and organic fertilization can influence vegetable quality. The present study was carried out in a solarium on a farm, in six experimental variants, three replications. Three variants for fertilization systems with two cucumbers cultivars were used. The biological material used in the experiments consisted of the cultivars ‘Triumf’ F1 and ‘Mirabelle’ F1. Fertilization systems used were organic with manure, classic with chemical fertilizers and soluble complex fertilizers with fertigation. In the present research agrochemical and biochemical characteristics were analysed and also weight of fruits and yield on plants and kg/m2 were measured. Agrochemical characteristics were: contents of nitrates, phosphorus and potassium from cucumbers and the biochemical characteristics measured were: acidity, soluble carbohydrates, vitamin C and dry matter. The results showed that the fertilization with soluble complex fertilizers in addition with fertigation assured the entire necessary for the growth and fructification of cucumbers. The presence of chemical fertilizers do not influence in a negative way the nitrates, phosphorus and potassium content and the quality of consumption of cucumbers was assured. Regarding the cultivars the best yield and quality results were obtained to ‘Mirabelle’ F1.

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