The Impact of γ-Irradiation, Essential Oils and Iodine on Biochemical Components and Metabolism of Potato Tubers During Storage

Several methods have been suggested as effective for inhibition of sprouting of potato tubers during storage. Three methods; γ-irradiation, volatile oils and iodine vapor were used for the inhibition of potato tuber cv. ‘Diamond’. Gamma irradiation, essential oils (caraway, clove, carvone, eugenol) and Iodine vapor were used to achieve the purpose. The results proved that γ-irradiation and essential oils maintain potato as well as inhibit sprouting for 9 weeks while iodine vapor maintain potato for six weeks. Alpha amylase activity showed an increase after six weeks and then reduced to lower value compared to control. During the metabolic pathway the concentration of lactate was decreased and reached to the level of control when potato tuber treated even with essential oils, radiation as well as with iodine vapor. The levels of NADP and NADPH+H were decreased during potato storage proving that synthesis of this metabolite were very low. The level of glycoalkaloids was fluctuated during storage depending on the treatments.

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