Seasonal Variation of Essential Oil Yield and Composition of Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) Grown in Castilla - La Mancha (Central Spain)

Links between phenology, yield and composition of the essential oil of common sage, Salvia officinalis L., grown in Guadalajara (Central Spain) were determined in the different phases of the biological cycle during one year. Data showed an average yield about 1.0%. The analysis of the oil components was carried out by GC-FID and GC/MS. The main oil constituent was alpha thujone (40.1-46.5%). Other identified compounds are beta pinene (2.6-4.5%), cineole (3.5-8.7%), beta thujone (4.1-5.6%), camphor (4.1-8.0%), borneol (1.3-3.7%), alpha humulene (3.8-7.3%), viridiflorol (3.4-12.6%) and manool (0.1-4.5%). The highest yield of oil was obtained in the period of full flowering and the highest concentration of alpha thujone in the period of initial flowering.

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