Some Fruit Characteristics of Iranian Cornelian Cherries (Cornus mas L.)

Although the Cornelian Cherry is widely grown in the north-eastern areas of Iran, it is not recognized as an important fruit crop as are many other fruit species. Large variability has been observed in all morphological and chemical compositions under study. Fruit weight varied from 1.499 to 3.29 g, whereas seed weight ranged from 0.249 to 0.425 g. The average lengths of fruits were between 15.22 and 22.31 mm, and the average widths of them were between 10.26-16.3 mm. The content of ascorbic acid ranged from 240-360 mg/ 100 g fresh weight. The total soluble solids and total acidity were 5-12.5% and 0.43-1.86% respectively. Grouping of Cornelian Cherry accessions based on 5 factors was performed and were divided into three sub-clusters. The results obtained from this study might be helpful for Cornelian Cherry breeders trying to develop new genotypes and varieties.

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