Studies on Activation of Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) by Heterocyclic Compounds Having Azole Groups in Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek.

Heterocyclic compounds are known to activate the defense response or resistance in plants. In order to study their effect as activatorsof systemic acquired resistance (SAR), two series of heterocyclic compounds having azole group were used for the present study i.e.,substituted triazolothiadiazoles and thiazolidine thioureas to obtain new compounds with improved biological activities in mung beans(Vigna radiata (L.)Wilczek, is an important pulse crop of India. These compounds could be used as a solution to chemically mediateddisease control both at the farm level as well as chemical fungicides. For this polyphenol content, flavonoid content, PAL activity,peroxidase activity and protein content were determined in control and after chemical treatment in mung beans var. ‘RMG-344’. Theresults indicated significant changes and a distinct role of polyphenols, flavonoids, PAL, peroxidase and proteins in the defense responseof mung beans after treatment with these chemicals.

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