Salinity Tolerance of the Hygrophilous Plant Species in the Wetlands of the South of the Iberian Peninsula

The aim of this work is to evaluate (or to study or to gain information about) with the salinity tolerance of the hygrophilous plantspecies recorded along the River Guadiamar (SW of the Iberian Peninsula) and in four sublittoral wetlands of the bay of Almería (SEof the Iberian Peninsula). The first of these wetlands is an Atlantic-type open wetland. The other four wetlands in Almería are closedlagoon-like wetlands. The data of each species are given and grouped in categories defined by tolerance range. The results obtained forthe species found in the two sites are then compared. The salinity conditions of the soils of these two types of wetlands are also comparedto discover any possible cause for differentiation. Finally, the different units of measurement of salinity available and some conversionmodels for them will be discussed. As a result of the present data and analysis, the study proposes a model to estimate total dissolved saltsfrom electrical conductivity.

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